With its rapid globalization and the rise of the multi-national companies, the 2oth century production and consumption-oriented perspective has raised serious concerns for the 21st century.

These growing concerns have directed humanity to the notion of sustainability and to meet their needs without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs.

The progress in “Sustainable Development” has thereby accelerated with the efforts spared in this respect and in order to avoid destructive methods. Such efforts first became official at the 1992 Rio Summit, paving the path for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Although development is a very important agenda, Sustainable Development has been constructed on a three-pillar structure, which are: social, environmental and economic.

In addition to its pillar-based structure which is founded primarily on the notion of sustainability, Sustainable Development has become a perfect tool employed to transform the aforementioned destructive practices, beyond and above this three-pillar structure.

Moral | Kınıkoğlu | Pamukkale has long conducted its activities, according to sustainability and Sustainable Development principles, with its human-centered approach at all times.

Our sustainability approach at Moral | Kınıkoğlu | Pamukkale has flourished with our long-standing corporate social responsibility projects on environment, economy, art and education, our socially responsible business mentality, as well as our good management policies.

Socially Responsible Business Approach:
Within the scope of our socially responsible business approach, the members of our team are active members and supporters of the Turkish Industry and Business Association and the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey, associations targeting sustainable development as well as the Turkish Family Business Association, targeting the sustainability of family businesses.

Additionally, Moral | Kınıkoğlu | Pamukkale Sustainability and Working Principles Directive, which summarizes our long-established business approach within the scope of our service quality towards our clients and ethical principles has been embraced by the entire team.

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