International Contracts and Trade Agreements

In our world where international trade is at its highest, the dimensions of trade vary with the ever-changing conditions, bringing about new opportunities as well as different practice challenges.

Moral & Partners lawyers, who have highly strong commercial knowledge and opinions, offer advisory and advocacy services, in the dynamic and changing commercial world, to our clients from various different sectors, particularly fast-moving consumer goods, retail, informatics, healthcare, energy and natural resources, textile, luxury consumption, industry, production.

Moral & Partners team is particularly experienced in contracts and trade agreements. We represent our national and international corporate clients, engaged in different sectors of the commercial life, in international sales, agency, distributorship, financial leasing, licensing, know-how, supply contracts, sustainability practices, European Union projects, business partnership organizations and other trade agreements, and offer legal consultancy services to our national and international clients operating in this field.

The services offered by our team of international contracts and trade agreements lawyers are summarized as:
  • Franchising and distributorship services;
  • International trade;
  • Customs law advisory and dispute resolution services;
  • Sustainability practices;
  • Supply chain;
  • Risk management services.
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Dual-use items, which include goods, software, and technology applicable for both civilian and military purposes, present a complex challenge in today's volatile global landscape, requiring careful regulation and control. The content elaborates on the international efforts, particularly the Wassenaar Arrangement and national practices, to manage these risks, while also discussing the specific stance and legal framework of Turkey in combating the unintended consequences of such dual-use items..
Deep experience in various vital industries empowering country economics.
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