Covid 19 Legal Guide

Get detailed information for the legal cases related to Covid-19

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic surrounding the world has severely affected our social and business lives. Our changing business environment with Covid-19 is also finding a place in the legal framework. The business world needs to follow the rapidly developing legal updates and their effects on our business lives with the new normal.

Since the day the Covid-19 outbreak began to occur in Turkey, there have been significant changes in Turkish legal practices. As in the world, the covid-19 pandemic has directly and indirectly affected many areas of law such as Turkish Labor Law, Turkish Commercial Law, Contracts Law, Information Technology Law, Competition Law, Medical Device, Medicine and Health Law.

The legal impact created by the Covid-19 pandemic has manifested itself in many sectors, such as logistics, e-commerce, manufacturing, health, arts, informatics technology, tourism, automotive, retail, and real estate.

Tracking the legal changes that occurred with the Covid-19 outbreak and implementing legal practices with the right strategy is extremely important for the sustainability and agility of companies during crisis management.

You can follow the latest legal developments in Turkey on covid-19, prepared by our compliance working group lawyers and their reflection on our business lives, within the scope of the Moral & Partners Covid-19 Legal Guide.
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With the Coronavirus (“Covid-19”), which has been in our lives since December 2019, the lifestyle with masks and social distance has become the new normal.
While Coronavirus (“Covid-19”) is still affecting the world essentially, retail industry, as one of the most deeply affected fields in the commercial world by the reflections of the pandemic, should also be careful to pass their plans through the legal filter, in order to protect the health of employees, to satisfy customers and to get over this Covid-19 period with the least possible losses.
Retail sector comes first among the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak (“Coronavirus”) around the whole world along with our country and causes disruptions in functioning and sustainability of certain sectors such as retail, logistics, health, automotive, and textile.
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