We offer ESG legal advisory services to multinational companies on sustainability issues.

The operating ecosystem of international and national companies became very complex at the present time. The output of global financial crises brings a great responsibility on companies. The multinational companies now need to act in a more sensitive way than ever to environment and to the society.

Today, at this stage, there is an incredible change in commercial, legal and social environment of the multinational companies. Such changes are vital to manage the operations of the companies in a sustainable way while bringing various opportunities and risks to companies. In the light of these changes concepts like corporate governance, transparency, legal compliance, social and environmental issues are being watched more closely by governments, shareholders, managers, consumers and employees.

Attorneys at Moral & Partners Sustainability Department considers the challenges that commercial, legal and social environments bring while providing legal advisory on sustainability practice to our clients.

Moral & Partners Sustainability Department provides ESG legal advisory to general counsels, c-level managers and executives carrying vital roles for companies by using opportunities and managing risks. In this direction we are a strategic legal advisor in sustainability and ESG legal practice to our corporate clients in various sectors in carrying them to a rewarding and a sustainable future.
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