Art Law

Art Law; is a multidisciplinary research field that involves a variety of specialties. Copyright, rights acquisition, commercialization, and art-related disputes and litigation are fields of art law.

It encompasses laws about arts and cultural affairs and individuals who create, purchase, sell, steal, or destroy art and cultural property, as well as organizations that promote the arts and all other auxiliary service providers that encourage and facilitate the art trade. Authenticity, art theft, contested property rights, moral rights, and import/export restrictions are legal issues that come up regularly worldwide.

Moral & Partners Art Law Working Group knows how important the protection and construction of the law is in the art sector. Our team focuses on the intellectual property aspects of art, which preserves, controls, and facilitates it in this aspect.

Copyright/trademark registration applications, photography contracts, model release agreements, gallery agreements, contract agreements, exhibition agreements, waivers of moral rights, independent contractor and freelance artist agreements, legal advice on artwork trading are among the legal services we provided.

For artists, art galleries, art companies, auction houses, private collectors, galleries, museums, and other clients, Moral & Partners Art Law Working Group offers legal advice and provides legal solutions. Our purpose is to inform artists and organizations about their rights.

In addition, we assist our clients in establishing contractual relationships with art organizations and artists.

In the international arena, we provide consultancy and dispute resolution services to our clients on international art law through the world's leading lawyers specialized in this field.

Legal Services
  • Legal representation, negotiation, and advice on art purchase and sale transactions,
  • Licencing of copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights,
  • Working for collectors and art agents, including contract reviews, sales transactions, and dealing with auction houses,
  • Drafting contracts for artwork co-ownership, artwork commissioning, and agent agreements,
  • Involving in contract drafting, reviewing all sales documentation and expert reports, and attending meetings with potential buyers and museum directors,
  • Advising museums and collectors,
  • Negotiating settlement of use tax due on art work purchased out of the country,
  • Structuring agreements,
  • Recovering stolen and looted works for collectors and insurance companies,
  • Advising clients on art-related criminal matters.
Apart from the legal consultancy and legal services we offer in Art Law, we know the healing side of art and organize informative seminars on art law and its practical uses for artists, collectors, law students, art students and leaders of the market in the national and international arena as a corporate social responsibility.

Our team members takes roles in the Advisory Board of the leading art organizations.
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