Cyber Security

We are all now living in a cyber age.

We are all now living in a cyber age. E-commerce, e-learning, cryptocurrencies, online sports, home office practices and digitalization of the social world will increase its role even further and online life per se is unfortunately a major risk for everyone including companies and their employees both in their business and daily lives.

Not a day goes by without a new cyber-attack news in the media and as a potential target all companies need a reliable and a powerful cybersecurity governance. We have strong backgrounds from various legal disciplines and teamed up with best local and international cyber security professionals. We handle cyber security issues in a multidisciplinary approach relying on our vast experience and we are here to help in building awareness, creating cyber resilience and managing and mitigating cyber risks with our dynamic and experienced team.

What do we do?
We secure the most valuable asset of our client, prevent the out flow of their data by creating a defence for potential cyber-attacks by working with our solution partners who are specifically specialized in cyber security by strategic planning, mitigating potential risks and representing our clients during and after litigation proceedings as well as protecting the corporate reputation of our clients. We also create awareness regarding cyber risks by providing educational programs and up to date client alerts regarding all developments around the world.
  • Cyber Resilience: We create awareness for our clients by closely tracking all developments, regulations, practices and decisions of all competent authorities locally and globally to ensure full compliance of our clients.
  • Mitigation of Risks: We carry out cyber security due diligence and advise our clients regarding possible threats, vulnerabilities and additional measures to implement along with necessary hardware and software developments for a better cyber stance.
  • Incident Response: We create a tailor-made incident response plan for each of our clients for automatic protection by reducing damages and staying in sharp for recovery and even conducting a cyber counter measure by taking the necessary steps in a timely fashion.
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