Personal Data Protection Services

Moral | Kınıkoğlu | Pamukkale IT Law Department applies a Personal Data Protection Compliance Programme to its corporate clients. Following the Moral | Kınıkoğlu | Pamukkale Protection of Personal Data Compliance Programme the team provides retainer advisory to various departments of the corporate clients enabling them to proceed without violating their obligations set forth under the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law.

Data protection is a process that ensures to process someone’s data secure, accurate and lawful. Since data breaches and security threats can lead to negative and even harmful consequences, it is very important for businesses to comply with data protection legislations

The Personal Data Protection services offered at Moral & Partners Informatics Department are summarized below:
  • Preparation of a special personal data inventory for the client;
  • Undertaking a legal analysis of the personal data inventory which is prepared;
  • Drafting of a comprehensive LPPD compliance report;
  • Drawing up of a tailor-made action list for each client, in order to create a road map, in the form of a summary of the Compliance Report;
  • Drafting of the privacy and explicit consent texts;
  • Drafting of the retention and destruction policies;
  • Drafting of privacy policies for the protection of personal data;
  • Drafting of the confidentiality agreements between the data controller and data processor concerning the data transfer;
  • Drafting the agreement for cross border data transfer,
  • Revision of the company policies for compliance with personal data protection;
  • Constructing of the processes for compliance with E-commerce Law, and delivery of commercial electronic messages and authorized marketing;
  • Revision of the contracts for compliance with the protection of personal data;
  • Adoption of all technical and administrative measures for the protection of personal data;
  • Fulfilment of the obligation to register with the Data Controllers’ Registry (VERBİS);
  • Drafting of the confidentiality agreements between data controllers concerning data transfer.
Moral & Partners Personal Data Protection expert team of lawyers successfully concludes the process of Compliance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. Following the project, our Personal Data Protection expert lawyers offer regular advisory services for the protection of personal data. Regular legal advisory services for the protection of personal data are intended to resolve the issues on personal data which are encountered by the companies whilst carrying out their ordinary commercial activities. Thereby, while the client companies carry out their commercial activities, they proceed without violating their obligations set forth under the Law.

Within the scope of our regular advisory service, we aim to transform the personal data protection issue into a constantly updated and living matter, and establish a company culture by keeping the compliance project dynamic and up-to-date.

If and when required, we provide legal services – in collaboration with our Dispute Resolution Department – against administrative sanctions imposed due to the violation of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data or possible cyber attacks. Additionally, we address each and every activity of our clients, from a wide perspective, with the full range of services which we offer in various fields of law. Thanks to our vast experiences in personal data protection, we are able to offer solutions and a wide perspective to our clients in each legal transaction.
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