Nowadays, the importance of the Healthcare Sector is underlined by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which became the focal point of our daily lives with the recent developments. Healthcare Sector has evolved into an area that sector players increased their search for a prompt and efficient solution partner in order to continue providing right and efficient services.

At a time where Healthcare Sector gained such momentum, Moral & Partners Healthcare Sector Study Group Lawyers provide consultancy and dispute resolution services to domestic and international clients. The legal services provided by our firm in this regard are as follows:
  • Monitoring the regulatory bodies and regulations on a daily basis and providing necessary information without any delay for implementation of regulatory changes;
  • Following up the permit and license processes along with the exportation and importation of healthcare products;
  • Conducting the necessary compliance practices including the protection of intellectual industrial property rights on healthcare products;
  • Drafting and reviewing all kinds of agreements required by the sector players regarding their activities and following-up of negotiations and implementation processes;
  • Regular corporate consultancy and compliance services;
  • Dispute resolution services.
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