Competition Law

The circulation in the market entries along with the globalization and the requisite to adapt to new regulations coming in parallel with unprecedented concepts and strategies in the commercial arena being in constant motion necessitate commercial actors to respond to these developments in the most rapid way possible.

At Moral & Partners, through the top-notch level of service we offer in the most challenging times, we provide our stakeholders facing unpredictable problems adapt in the quickest way to changes and bring solutions to their all kinds of legal needs.

Together with our dynamic and experienced team, we offer to many local and foreign clients legal services with a practical approach in each aspect of Competition Law. Some of the services within the framework of Competition Law provided by Moral & Partners for actors carrying on businesses in commercial markets are:
  • Legal counselling services within the scope of Competition Law of European Union as well as Turkish Law;
  • Legal counselling services within the whole process of mergers and acquisitions from preparation of notification forms to obtaining the permission from the Competition Authority;
  • Representation of our clients during general Competition Law investigations such as cartel and/or abuse of dominant position investigations;
  • Legal counselling services ensuring compliance of joint ventures, supply transactions, exclusive/non-exclusive distributorships, agencies, licenses, service and subcontracting agreements with Competition Law;
  • Legal counselling for process management regarding the applications to be made and the permissions to be obtained to and from the Turkish Competition Authority; and
  • Representation of our clients and litigation in Competition Law related disputes.

Our Competition Law team provides tailor-made, high-level legal support for our clients in accordance with the varying rules of the game and the sectoral needs of theirs.
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In commercial life, the undertakings' ability to carry out their activities freely without being under pressure, is important in terms of maintaining its presence in the market where the undertakings are operating, as well as the consumer's, who are the end buyers, ability to be able to benefit from the final product put on the market at fair pricing and with quality product balance.
Deep experience in various vital industries empowering country economics.
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